The art of painting on silk likely developed in China a long time ago.  In fact, some of the oldest known silk paintings come from China and are as old as 5,000 years.  The art of painting on silk seems to have traveled from Asia to Russia and eventually to France where it was disseminated to Europe and the Americas.

The silk painting I do - painting with dyes rather than paint - is a waning art.  The art form is often viewed by the art world as a craft.  This same art world embraces Chinese Brush Painting as a fine art even though many of the artists use silk as their canvas - making it a form of silk painting.

While the fashion industry still uses silk painting, the fine art, practiced by skilled and talented artists, is an art form practiced by an aging population of artists.  Some of us have made a commitment to restore the fine art of silk painting to its former glory days and pass on our knowledge and love of the art form to a new generation.

So, relax, enjoy and come again often!

Welcome to my World . . . The World of the Fine Art of Silk Painting

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